5 Ways to Play: HappySenso Gel

5 Ways to Play: HappySenso Gel

What is it?

HappySenso is a foaming gel. Packaged in a spray top bottle, you can explore the sensory wonder of HappySenso with a simple spray. Tip the bottle upside down to get the best spray.

HappySenso is available in a range of colours, smells and neutral. Click to see the range.

5 Ways to Use it:

  • Spray HappySenso on your hand or any body part to draw more awareness to that part. Doing fine motor tasks? Start by spraying a little HappySenso on the fingers to increase the awareness of the fingers before the fine motor task.
  • Use HappySenso in your games to increase texture exploration. HappySenso can be the pretend mortar in your building game with blocks. HappySenso can be the pretend glue to stop items slipping. Or it can be the foam in the doll’s bath or car wash. Have a towel ready to wipe it away for those who don’t like the feel.
  • Use HappySenso as a little sensory treat instead of the typical “Well Done” Sticker
  • Spray HappySenso in the form of a letter and encourage the child to trace the letter. The tactile experience will increase the awareness of the letter formation.
  • Spray blobs of HappySenso on the floor and encourage the child to jump one blob to the other, like hopscotch.

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Although HappySenso is dermatologically tested, we do find that some people are more sensitive to it. Wash off the area where HappySenso was sprayed to prevent any discomfort.

These are some ideas of ways to play with HappySenso. Sensorium and the representatives of Sensorium take no responsibility for damage to property or person's when using the products.

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