• The Business

    Sensorium is a toy manufacturer, distributor and retailer in South Africa. Founded in 2020, Sensorium’s products are selected to minimise the middle[men] and get the best products to the end user without inflated costs. Ethical manufacturing and kindness to our Mother Earth guides all our decisions. Plus, keeping it local means we grow our South African economy.  With a background in occupational therapy play and child development is forefront when choosing products for Sensorium. Everything we sell excites us. We are super proud to be able to share these products with you.

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  • PlanToys South Africa

    PlanToys have been champions of sustainable manufacturing for over 40 years. The materials used and the production methods are intentionally chosen. PlanToys use only sustainably sourced natural resources and produce minimum to zero waste during the manufacturing process.

    PlanToys products are made of reclaimed rubberwood trees which no longer produce rubber. Instead of landing up on a dump, these trees are reclaimed and made into solid wood or plywood which is then formed into PlanToys. The entire process from raw wood to finished product happens within the same factory. Shavings are collected by a factory wide vacuum system which is then mixed with toxin free glue. This becomes “PlanWood” and can be moulded into a range of toys and components.

    All PlanToys products are painted with non-toxic paint. This is just one way PlanToys is changing the world of Play.

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  • Londji

    Londji are committed to creating innovative, sustainable and safe toys. Londji toys aspire to be good for our children, fun, and to make them think. This is offers us the ideal chance to share the best moments together.

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