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Lotto game: Habitats

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A classic lotto game of matching and categorisation of animals and their habitats. Includes 36 chips and 6 playing boards.

Penguins live in the South Pole, some bears inhabit the forest, lions in the the African bush... Where do the other animals live? Discover the different habitats of Londji's wildlife with this lottery game for younger children!

How to play:

The boards are filled with illustrations of animal habitats (the desert, the seabed, the jungle, the the African bush, the forest and the Antarctic) are distributed among the players. In turn, starting with the youngest members of the family, we flip over the animal chips. If any of the players has the animal drawn on their cardboard, the put the chip on top of their card. The first to complete their card will win the game! A very fun way to get to know the different habitats where animals live.

An education and ideal first board game.

Sustainable made from FSC paper and recycled cardboard.