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Londji Orangutan imitation & memory game

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A boardgame for 2-8 players. Takes around 15 minutes to play. 

Orangutans are very keen to monkey about!  They have recently formed a new game: repeating each other's sounds and gestures. Come join them!

How to play:

An exciting sound and gesture memory game for the whole family. Remember the sequence of sounds and gestures that are inveted by the players from the images on the playing cards. Catch all 3 orangutans before the bananas run out!

Includes game variables that allow you to change the difficulty and age range.

Why we love it:

Imitating and sequencing actions develops motor planning and bilateral integration. Londji's Orangutan is a unique game that offer so much opportunity to develop these very important developmental skills in a fun and social way. 

Sustainably made from FSC paper and recycled cardboard