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Postman: Observation Game

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A board game for 2-6 players. Takes around 15 minutes to play. For players 4 years to 100+

In this observation game you will have to be the fastest postman in Londji town. A family game with 5 levels of difficulty. The fastest player to deliver all their cards, will win the game!

How to play:

First we will set up Londji city (the playing board) and distribute the chips (in letter form) to all the postmen (players). We then choose a card from the deck at random and it will show us which house we must deliver to. We then have to find the house on the board and deliver the chip (in the form of a letter)! Only the fastest player will deliver it! We will continue playing until one of the players manages to win the game by having delivered all their cards.

The board pieces can be attached in many different ways. There are over one hundred different combinations. This allows us to play without memorizing the locations where the houses are.

Why we love it:

You build the playing board which means the playing board looks different every time you play. Building and playing the game stimualtes visual perception skills and following multistep instructions. Londji's Postman game is a unique game which incorporates charaters from our favourite fairytales into a social yet challenging visual perception game.

Sustainably made fromFSC paper and recycled cardboard