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Londji Roads: construction and design game

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A board game packed with road building fun. Design, build and re-build your own road system or town. And when you're done, it gets packed away into a neat little box which fits on your shelf. No big boxes of blocks ...

Imagine the longest highway in the world. Do you dare build it?

Includes 76 road pieces, 30 houses, 24 trees, 6 cars & 11 circuit model cards. Copy the card or build it free style. 

Why we love it:

It is finally a road building set which packs away into a neat box. The many road pieces provide the opportunity to build over 1000 different road systems. Using the cards to build the road develops visual-motor skills, but building freestyle develops planning skills. Because the set comes with cars and houses, it offers the opportunity for pretend play as well as construction play. It is such a unique offering all in one box!

Sustainably made from FSC paper and recycled cardboard