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Sensorium Mielie teether for children and sensory seekers / in blue

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A narrow teether with totally touchable tactile bumps.

The Mielie teether has a flexible, chewy texture with little lumps for added tactile input. The Mielie teether is narrower to support side or front chewers. The Mielie teether provides both heavy input in the jaw and tactile input making it a nice all-rounder chew. 

Sensorium Mielie teether is suitable for children aged 3 years+ and adolescents who seek novel textures to chew.  Sensorium teethers support children with sensory regulation and attention.

Sensorium teethers are designed and made in South Africa out of recyclable thermoplastic. PVC and Phthalate free. Latex free. BPA free. RoHS Compliant. REACH SVHC Compliant.