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Londji Learn&Fun Creativity Battle: think out of the box drawing game

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Do you see a picture of a lemon? Or maybe a submarine or a guitar. Or maybe you see a UFO or a yellow bird!
Londji's Creativity Battle is a fun game for family and friends to play together. Think out of the box and see pictures as more than they are. 
Why we love it:
Social games develop frustration tolerance, turn taking, accepting wins and no-wins. Londji's creative battle stimulates drawing skills, imagination and flexible thinking. 
How to play:
A notebook and a pencil are distributed to each player and they choose which sheet of paper they are going to draw on. The aim of the game is to form a new image in the most creative way possible.
When we first open the booklet, we will write down two potential ways of transforming the images that seem the most straightforward (but not neccesarily the most creative). Now we will draw our creations (try to be as original as possible) and then compare and discuss the results with the rest of the players. Are there any that are too simple or perhaps not creative enough? Between the players, you can highlight the most original ones and the ones you like the most. Certainly there are some really exceptional ones!
CE Certified
Made sustainably from FSC paper and recycled cardboard