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Lotto game "I want to be…"

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A classic lotto game representing different professions. Includes 36 tokens and 6 playing boards

When I grow up I want to be... In the world of Londji, there are many different type of professions. All of them are equally important and exciting. With this lottery game, gardeners, factory workers, astronauts, firefighters, artists, chefs and clothes designers invite us to learn a little more about their work while we play!

How to play:

The cards with illustrations of characters from different professions are distributed among the players. In turn, starting with the youngest members of the family, we flip over the chips which have images of tools characteristic to each profession. If any of the players has the tool drawn on their cardboard, the put the chip on top of their card. The first to complete their card will win the game! A toy without gender stereotypes and a very fun way to learn about different trades.

Londji's "I want to be.." Lotto is designed to be without gender stereotypes.

Sustainably made from FSC paper and recycled cardboard.