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Sensorium Weighted Blanket

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Sensorium Weighted Blanket is made of 100% high thread count cotton and filled with a glass bead composite, making the blanket smooth to the touch and comfortable on the skin. 

Sensorium Weighted Blanket is designed to lie on top of the body and not wrap down the side of the bed. This prevents the blanket from slipping off during sleep, and allows free movement.

Why we love it:

Experience a deep and restful sleep with our Sensorium Weighted Blanket. The added weight provides deep pressure, helping to reduce stress, and promote relaxation. Improve your sleep routine and wake up feeling refreshed with our luxurious weighted blanket.

Machine or Hand washable. Dry with lots of ventilation. 

Size: 65cm x 155cm | Weight: 5.8kg*

100% Cotton | Made in South Africa | Plastic Free 

*Rule of thumb: A weighted blanket is typically 10% of the person's weight, however this is different for people who are sensory seeking or need more input. Please consider the child's sensory system and need. This blanket is made for the sensory seekers.